Green Army

documentary, current affairs, 52 Minutes
in pre-production: 2020

Nature in Africa has become a billion dollar business. Defended with heavy weapons. Financed with Western Money. Thanks to military training, rangers are cracking down on poachers, saving populations of elephants, lions and gorillas. But this is only one part of the story. Human right abuses and corruption have emerged to an alarming extent.


animated documentary, environmental, 15 Minutes
in production: 2020 / 21

When Karen returned to Costa Rica they were all gone and didn’t leave any trace behind. After a few months of waiting it dawns to her: The Green Spiny Tree Frog has gone extinct. A crime story, with a shocking culprit.

„Es ist der Wahnsinn.“

documentary, 90 Minutes
in development: 2020 / 21

A tiny piece of land, in the most southeastern corner of Germany, in one of a thousand forests of the „Erzgebirge“. A secret is absorbing the minds of its residents: Gold that has been hidden 75 years ago…